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FilenamePaperboy 2.zip
Date2008-09-17 00:03:02
Size220 KB

Paperboy is a simple yet fun no-brainer game. You play the role of a boy trying to get his newspapers to the right houses whilst avoiding obstacles. Walls, cars, fences, rolling tyres and even people block your way. You have 5 lives to use, each time you hit something a life goes. You also have a limited number of newspapers, and you can pick up more by riding over the piles on the left side of the street. When you ride by a house and ‘subscriber’ appears on your status bar at the bottom, throw a newspaper. You get more point by hitting certain areas, such as the mailbox, front door or the trashcan.
Make sure to get DOSBox so that you can play DOS games in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux easily!

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