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Date2011-01-05 14:18:56
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Metal Mutant is an action game, where you control the eponymous machine, sent to the planet Kronox to find and destroy the insane computer AROD 7. Each level is not side-scrolling fluidly, but is divided into separate screens; upon getting to the edge of one screen you move to the next one.

The Metal Mutant has the ability to transform into 3 different forms: humanoid, dinosaur and tank. Each form has different capabilities. For instance, the humanoid form can jump and the tank can shoot missiles. You'll need to change form often depending on the situation, as most obstacles and enemies can be only beaten by a specific form.

Throughout the game, apart from fighting enemies (and bosses), jumping, climbing and so on, you will find additional upgrades which will give you more abilities. You'll also encounter recharge station where you can regain health.

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