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Date:2008-07-19 19:39:42
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A game based on the hit movie Jurassic Park.

The game starts just after the T-Rex pushes the visitor's van into it's pit. You play the role of Dr. Alan Grant, so you have to find Tim and Lex, take them to the Visitor's center and get everybody out of the island. But this time it won't be half as easy as it was on the movie.

The game is split in two missions, played in two different ways. The first mission is to take Tim and Lex back to their grandfather and is (almost exclusively) played from a top-down perspective. The second mission involves getting the power back on line and returning alive, so everybody can leave the island and is played like a FPS (First Person Shooter).

Make sure to get DOSBox so that you can play DOS games in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux easily!
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