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Date2008-08-27 23:10:55
Size9.83 MB

We are proud to present the latest America’s Army release. This release contains the Every Soldier a Sensor (ES2) training mission and a new multiplayer co-operative mission. We’ve also improved the performance of our AI to react in a more realistic manner. Included in the version, is the all new Deploy Client; a revolutionary way for you to get the game and keep you up to date on all the latest happenings inside the America’s Army community. Lock and load, it’s time to go to work!

America's Army v2.8.4 brings a revolution to the way the game is distributed.  The America's Army Deploy Client is a new software distribution system designed to more efficiently download the game, thus getting you in-game faster!  Users will have an opportunity to select which elements of the game are of interest to them. The Deploy client uses both peer-to-peer as well as traditional (client-server) download systems, allowing the users to help contribute to the community by allowing content that has already been downloaded, to be sent to other peers connected to the download system. (See FAQ for additional information http://www.aadeploy.com/deploy/faq).

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