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Date2006-09-01 09:41:20
Size197.27 MB

Alien Arena 2007 is a fast paced, retro sci-fi themed game jam packed with features such as 37 maps, 5 game modes, 6 game mutators, 10 player characters, 8 weapons(each with an alternate firing mode), and the Galaxy front end that includes a server browser, IRC client, stats lookup, and a buddy list to keep tabs on your favorite players. New for this release is Team Core Assault, a team based mode with frantic action and speed, a dozen brand new maps rich with color and detail, and enormous enhancements to the codebase that improves speed, security, and stability. Enhancements such as weapons stats and winner's podiums add a little new flavor to the game experience. Now at version 6.0, the CRX engine now includes real-time shadows, vastly improved dynamic lighting, more efficient particles and weapon effects, improved shaders, lensflares, fog, music control, and optimizations to make it sleeker and smoother than ever before. With so much content and code being revamped, Alien Arena 2007 bears little resemblance to it's predecessor.

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